Today I get a phone call from Terry Higgs, from Rossington -Doncaster, to thanks me for the pigeons I sent him last Year 2016. He bred some top Youngsters of them, and he won good prices with now this last weekend he won the 1e Provincial and 1e Sector ad 9 National all England. This with a head wind on 306 Mile distance, arrived afer7 hours and 58 minutes, on a speed of 1128 Yards a minute.
The winner was bred out 2 fresh Leo van Rijn pigeons from mostly the National Champion King and Keizer , and a little from mother of Benjamin line, cross with a W. de Bruin.
Leo Van Rijn the undisputed King of the Dutch pigeon sport
I have always had the greatest admiration for men with a small basket and big results and this is most definitely the order of the day for the phenomenon and fanatical fancier who is the victorious Van Rijn from De Lier in the Southwest of Holland , a stone’s throw away from the port of Rotterdam.

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From the Dugout 001

Dear Adrian & Leo
Hope you are well and I see from your articles in the BHW that you are still winning with your pigeons. I would like to give you an update on some success my son Kevin and I have had with you and Leo Van Rijn pigeons.

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Hello Leo,
I only have two of your pigeons now, I gave the rest away to friends that are doing well with their children ,(for me pigeons had to take a back seat for the last few years), your birds have won up to 1st open nipa and took positions in the open and section regularly ,I have taken open positions with them in the east down combine, they have also took positions in the ulster federation for friends, This year a yearling hen was 50th open 10th section in the hens national in the nipa, not sure about birdage but as a youngster she was 5th open nipa with just under 26,000 birds she also has a couple off positions around 100th to 150 with big birdage ,
Good Luck and Good Health Mark
Adrian Duggins successful again!
Good afternoon Leo,
Just thought I would send you an email telling about the first two races, 1st club, 1st west section, 810 birds, 8th open 2636 birds of course a Leo van Rijn super pigeon, there wasn’t a another bird from my section in the first 20 birds in the open outstanding result in a wrong wind.

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From Melanie Heath

Hello Leo,
I would like to give you some imformation about our pigeon 10DC1241.This Hen was a latebred 2012(old ring),not raced as a Y.B.,only 3 races as a yearling and fully raced in 14 & 15.She has won the following.

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Dutch movie about Leo van Rijn
Leo van Rijn his results are amazing for years. It wasn't unseen in Holland and Jos Voortman from Koerier Pigeonfilms made a very interresting pigeon movie. If you missed this movie, buy soon at:

From Nigel Beal
The basics of the article below appeared in the British Homing World 21-8-15.
We finished 3rd North section 38th open 6344 birds Midlands National libbed in a strong north wind which didn't really favour us. In the picture Jim Beal, Hector, Nev Burtoft holding the 24 cock Nigel Beal

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From Jim McLellan
Just a few Lines I hope this find you and your family are well and the birds are well into the molt, well I have had again a very good season in 2015 out of 9 old bird races 6x1st-5x2nd-5x3rd-5x4th, old bird inland average, young bird average, old bird and young bird combine average in my club, also old bird inland average in my federation.

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