Pigeon pedigree series, line A

Janssen brothers, Arendonk & Karel Meulemans

This pedigree is build up by Leo’s pigeons bought in the years 1978 thru 1983 from Marien Pieterse in Wemeldinge. By this sadly young deceased very good man and top enthusiast, Leo bought a minimum of 1 nest from the son of the worldfamous old Merckx from the Janssen brothers from Arendonk 4 years in a row. Leo also bought from Pieterse between 1979 and 1981 a minimum of 1 litter every year 3 years in a row from the son from the equally legendary Kadet of Karel Meulemans bought by M. Pieterse. Pietsers had many very good breeders, but Leo chose not to get anything, but to spend money annualy to get some good pigeons from only these two cocks. Leo’s intension was to get the children from this annually purchase and put them as cousins against each other and build a own pedigree from these top pigeons. That this is succesfull may well be established given the huge range of top pigeons that this pedigree has produced now over 35 years, both with Leo and in the numerous references across the world with pigeons bought by Leo over the years. Top pigeons by Leo were Cracks like The King, national middle distance champion pigeon WHZB and Vredesduif competition (never been shown that 1 pigeon won 2 different middle distance championships). And his full brother The Keizer, (wich later on was sold to Rick Mardus USA) which became famous here as well in the USA by his many good descendants. And also the ‘Boemerang’ from the family of Philip Herbots, represented Belgium on the Olympiade as the best allround Pigeon 1997, was culterd by Leo van Rijn directly from this family. Also the present pedigree pigeon of Joop Groenen from Ooi,’The President’, is as many will know a direct one from Leo van Rijn from this family, the A lin, the National champion pigeon ‘Superstar’ of Peter van Mulm, top pigeons of Jaap and Jeroen Meeder, Fred Dukker, Dirk Buitelaar, the 1st Nationaal Orleans form Jaap Ottevanger of Dordrecht, good offspring posts from Piet and Peter vd Merwe and Willem de Bruin, like many many others, 1st price winnars and champion pigeons in The Netherlands, Germany, England, USA, Taiwan etc..
What pigeons fly with another, is not worth so much for a pigeon enthusiast, what counts is when you get a pigeon and get a good chance for good breding, only one thing matters, are they good inheritors.

{modal images/img_groot/BG67-6282031.jpg|group=BG67-6282031|title=BG67-6282031}{/modal} {modal images/img_groot/gebroedersjanssen.jpg|group=BG67-6282031|title=BG67-6282031} gebroedersjanssen

Old Merckx

Famous old Merckx of the Janssen brothers.



{modal images/img_groot/BG77-2088967.jpg|group=BG77-2088967|title=BG77-2088967.jpg}BG77-2088967.jpg

Son Old Merckx

Direct son Old Merckx 031
(Pedigree cock of Marien Pieterse, Wemeldinge).


{modal images/img_groot/A-gebroedersjanssen.jpg|group=NL80–351441|title=NL80–351441}A-gebroedersjanssen


Son Old Merckx

Direct son of Merckx 967 M. Pieterse, the absolute pedigree father of the succesfull colony of Leo van Rijn. And stood at the base of many other lofts as well.

{modal images/img_groot/NL81-1436419.jpg|group=NL81-1436419|title=NL81-1436419}NL81-1436419


With the famous in the region 444 this 419 has been the best son of 441 and is co-heir of the stock pigeons Leo van Rijn. 419 is among other the father of "Keizer" NL88-288680, "King" NL89-1172733,"Baron" NL90-1172620,"Hertog" NL90-2274000 and "Hertogin" NL 90-2374139.

{modal images/img_groot/NL91-2012552.jpg|title=De Hertog}NL91-2012552

De Hertog

Trough his son he gave the 'President' of Joop Groene, the 'Super Crack and current stock cock of Joop Groenen.

{modal images/img_groot/NL90-2374139.jpg|title=De Hertogin}NL90-2374139

De Hertogin

Gave among other NL92-1051557, the 'Boemerang', 1e Olympiade pigeon All ROUND, 1997 in Bazel, Zwitserland, played gespeeld and sent by the Philip Herbots family (Halle Booienhove, Belgie).

{modal images/img_groot/NL88-2888680.jpg|title=De Keizer}nl88-2888680

De Keizer

3 x 1st against aprox. 22000 pigeons per flight and is progenitor of the colony of pigeons of Leo van Rijn between 1990 and 2014. Very good pigeons from Keizer 680 are daughters NL92-1050541 + NL91-2059460 and son NL95-1814200.

{modal images/img_groot/NL89-1172733.jpg|title=The King 'NL89–1172733'}NL89-1172733

De King

The 1st National champion pigeon middle distance in (and in that time only) 2 competitions. He is, with his brother Keizer 680, responsible as progenitor for the successes of the pigeon colony of Leo van Rijn between 1990 and 2014.
The King gave good offspring, especially the sons NL-1051531 & NL-2012555.