Pigeon pedigree series, line B

Kadet line Karel Meulemans

As been indicated by Line A, Leo has build up this pedigree around a few nestlings which he bought by Marien Pieterse living in Wemeldinge, from the son of the worldfamous super pigeon, ‘The Kadet’, from Karel Meulemans living in the Belgian Arendonk. The most famous Crack from this pedigrees would be the Hattrick, which became the fastest of the whole Kuststrook 3 times, every time against 21000-25000 pigeons. The ones who could get som of this Kadet-line pigeons, was almost always succesfull. Peter van Mulm from Delft made from one son of the ‘Kadet 340’ his stock cock in the 80s and his National Champion pigeon ‘Superstar 212-98’ a cross with the ‘Keizer’ van de A line pedigree of Leo, a striking example. Also Teun & Paul Groeneveld, J. Krowinkel, Aad Molenaar, Jan Bronswijk, Dirk Brem, K.W.Menheer, Pim de Koning, Joop Groenen, W. de Winter, Dirk Buitelaar etc. bought 1 child from the ‘Kadet 340’ line by Leo and breeded a legion of winners and champion pigeons. What became rapidly clear was that the succesfull linebreed with Merckx Janssen, this was inadvisable for the Kadet family. Family linebreed of this line brought mostly fat and not vital descendants, while in crossing they were very dominant inheritors and gave massively good racing pigeons. You will find this ‘Kadet’ family massively in the pedigree of the great pigeons, but only limited in pedigree %. Still they have contributed to the birth of the champions of Leo and all above and their successes.

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The worldfamous KADET, super CRACK of Karel Meulemans in Arendonk Belgium.

{modal images/img_groot/A-gebroedersjanssen.jpg|group=duif1|title=De gebroeders Janssen}A-gebroedersjanssen


Direct son 'Kadet' of Karel Meulemans, top breeder of Marien Pieterse in Wemeldinge, The Netherlands.

{modal images/img_groot/NL81-1746340127.jpg|group=NL81-1746340127|title=NL81-1746340127}NL81-1746340127

Kadet 340

Kadet 340, son Kadet 063 M. Pieterse, super breeder and basis cock colony, loft Leo van Rijn.


{modal images/img_groot/NL83-611210125.jpg|group=NL83-611210125|title=NL83-611210125}NL83-611210125


Daughter 'Kadet 063' M.Pieterse , half-sister '340' and mother of 'Hattrick 859'.

{modal images/img_groot/NL88-1696859.jpg|group=duif1|title=Dé Hattrick}NL88-1696859

The Hattrick

From Molenaar NL84-1477955, grandson 340 x half-sister 340, 'Super Crack' and progenitor current Colony Leo van Rijn between 1990 and 2014, trough his son NL93-2859284.

{modal images/img_groot/NL92-1051434.jpg|group=duif1|title=First Lady}NL92-1051434

First Lady

3 x 1st in big competition, from father NL84-1477955 and Klak duivin 993, trough Cor Buis.

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Kadet 013

Daughter Kadet 340, Championship pigeon CCW 1985.