Pigeon pedigree series, line C

Tournier / Catrijse / De Smet Mathijs

This family, which Leo calls his C line, is pretty much the first starting material of Leo in his younger years (1970) and with that his oldest line, after 44 years still give 1st prizes everywhere in the world. Particularly in Great Britain, where the line is known as the ‘Benjamin’ family, in 2014 these pigeons still fly great. Leo started with this C-line/family in around 1970 and finds his origin in the pigeons from Jan and Rinie Vlet from Delft and a little later also with Koos van Koppen. Jan Vlet was loftmanager by the wealthy industrial J. Vd Heuvel, which had nothing but the best at his loft from Jac Tournier from the Belgian Lommel. He also bred incomparable ‘Crack’, called ‘de Dikke’, which was repurchased by Jack Tournier. She played with this Delftse Tournier top loft as a great competitor against all others top players with ‘Tournier’s’, the legendary Arie vd Hoek from The Hague. Jan Vlet had child (or grandchild?) from the ‘Crack’ from the ace the ‘Dikke van zn baas’, who called Jan ‘De oude Bonte, who breeded so well, that made J. Vlet and Koos van Koppen the man to beat. Leo grabbed with his scarce money (saving money by not going out with his friends) some young pigeons which is now the base of the current C-line/Benjamin-line. Early 80s there was another super ‘Tournier’ couple in the Westland, the ‘Ooievaar’ couple from Hans vd Wel which came out the worldfamous ‘Ooievaar’ crack from Arie vd Hoek. Leo could trade a youngster with Vd Wel which paid off on the other’ Tournier’s of wich these contributions should not be underestimated. Leo mixed it with a touch of Kadet-line and a amazing top flyer of Doktor Olthuis, the 050. Series Champion pigeons (carwinners like Michel Koene and Paul kouwenhoven), National asduiven like the ‘Reply 93-606 which became 3th National Ace 1994 en 13th National Ace in 1995. As already mentioned is Benjamin one of the most well-known pigeons in Great Britain, where the National top player Adrian Duggins and many others reported me many series of winners, which is to the present day the result of good inheritance of this family.

{modal images/img_groot/NL85-1160018.jpg|group=duif1|title=de Chartres}NL85-1160018

De Chartres

Absolute progenitor of this C-line, is the son of previous NL80-351461 and NL78-186097.


{modal images/img_groot/NL85-1660028.jpg|group=duif1|title=De Haagse}NL85-1660028

De Haagse

Absolute ancestressof this C-line, daughter of NL84-1392942, (sister of 'SUPER OOIEVAAR DUIVIN', from Hans vd Wel), coupled with NL84-1446314, full brother of NL85-1160018.


{modal images/img_groot/NL88-1696805.jpg|group=duif1|title=De dubbel kampioen}A-gebroedersjanssen

The Dubbel Kampioen

No descendants, sold for big amount to Taiwan.


{modal images/img_groot/NL87-1934021122.jpg|group=NL87-1934021122|title=De Vechter}NL87-1934021122

De Vechter

Gave the top Crack Cesar NL92-1004689 from Paul Kouwenhove and also the son 574, wich gave the carwinner of Michael Koene.


{modal images/img_groot/NL93-2559606.jpg|group=duif1|title=De Replay}NL93-2559606

The Replay

Crack which flew super for 2 years, 3rd and 13th National Champion hen WHZB, now also important trough her son 139 because of good offspring.

{modal images/img_groot/94-12922013.jpg|group=duif1|title=Silvia}94-12922013

NL 94-1292013

Good racing pigeon with good offspring.

{modal images/img_groot/94-1292090.jpg|group=duif1|title=De Benjamin}94-1292090

The Benjamin

A very good breeder, made different English lofts champion and is a celebrity in England.