Leo van Rijn, born and raised of what is known worldwide as the Glass City of the Netherlands. Leo is a very successful grower of Potted Plants and the Breeding of Racing Pigeons. Now in his sixties he has for over 45 years refined the art and science of bringing the breeding of, and racing of pigeons to a very high level of success. In Sport Magazines he is been acknowledged as a winner in breeding of Racing Pigeons. The pedigree and history of his Racing Pigeons, its purity of breed is acknowledged internationally. Pigeon Racing enthusiast call on Leo for advise because the pedigree of his Pigeons belong to a special class of price-winners. There is proof of Leo's success on the endless list of his price winners. The 'KING' became the National Cock Champion Middle Distance in Dutch and WHZB and in Vredesduif competition. A record never been broken yet! The list is long of pigeon enthusiast who purchased their pigeons from Leo. For many years he collaborated closely with very successful breeders and racers, Jan Ekelmans, Willem and John de Jong, and last but not least Jeroen Meeder, each a student of Leo, whom became winners in breeding and racing with pigeons of the Leo van Rijn pigeon pedigree. If you are aiming for success call on LEO, the man with the proven record.


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